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Antoh (Antonio Pierluigi Mansueto, born in Naples, 1960), is an artist and a financial analyst. He has exhibited in Italy, France, Germany, USA, furthermore, his works are present in some Italian museums, galleries, auctions and many major Italian art fairs. Antoh studied oil painting under the guidance of Neapolitan artists since he was 10 years-old. 


Years later he moved to Milan where he painted nudes at the Osservatorio Figurale and studied ceramics with Monique Bousquet. The instructor with whom he was more connected to was the artist and designer Bruno Munari (signatory of the Second Futurism, whose works are present in many museums, including the MOMA in NY), in Milan in the 90's. Antohís early works were surrealists, then evolved into abstract and in a personal style that integrates various 20th century movements such as surrealism, abstract expressionism, graffiti, pop art, all gathered in a new synthesis inspired by the dynamic contemporary period of organized chaos. 


Antoh is the son of the 20th century but lives and represents the complex and dynamic contemporary ever rapidly changing world, which isnít always humanly and psychologically bearable. The language is lively, colorful, dynamic with an unstable equilibrium, although positive, fun while at the same time with suffering feelings. Starting from the year 2000 Antoh alternates series of works dedicated to issues related to physical and social psychology: "Entropica", inspired by the Bioenergetics of the American psychologist Alexander Lowen, whose "Multiverse" approaches the multidimensionality of the universe according to the physics science theory complexity, and, finally, "ARCHETIPO-PROTOTYPE" on the cyclical nature of time. 


Since the year 2000 he intensifies art exhibition activities as well as theatrical performances - with young actors from the Piccolo Teatro di Milano with stage contribution of the Brera Academy and the Teatro Aleph company. He founded several groups of artists, including Artintensive, with Midori McCabe (USA), Paolo Manazza and others. 


Antoh is the president of the Villa d'Arcore Association which proposes and implements the opening of the headquarters of the restoration workshops belonging to the Brera Accademy of Milano in Arcore, inside the stables of Villa Borromeo D'Adda. Antoh designs art foulard products with the brand A.Quaranta Locatelli, Naples. As an art economist, Antoh holds conferences and publishes assays about: art market, management of cultural heritage, museums, art management in banks, and more. The main assay are published and available on the site See also the section CONFERENCES




Sotto: il fioraio Raimondo Bianchi e Antoh,  
mostra Color Naturae, 2011

Antoh ad Arcore, in visita a 
Villa Borromeo D'Adda, nov.2009


webmaster Antoh  2005 -  best view 800x600

Sito aggiornato il 30/04/15 - Visite dal 10 gennaio 2006